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  • SATlinQ

    BorderNET has a proud 11 year history of concentrating and delivering Australian Government fully subsidised Satellite Broadband Internet to many regional and remote communities, a tradition that continues today in partnership with the Governments NBN Satellite Subsidy program. The NBN subsidy negates all of the equipment and installation costs associated with setting up your new Broadband service, leaving our customers to pay only their usual monthly subscription fees, as always some of the most competitive available. NBN Co satellite is capable of speeds up to 6MBit download and 1Mbit upload, our NBN SATlinQ products offer a wide variety of download options to suit both residential and business customers and additional options included tailored plans to suit specific requirements.

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  • FIBERlinQ

    The NBN Fibre Subsidy program is changing the way Australians connect to the internet using high speed fibre optic cables that over time are set to replace telephone and other media services available to your home of business. Scheduled to pass 93% of our Aussie homes over the next ten years, the subsidy negates all of the usual hardware and installation costs associated the installation of a fibre connection. At BorderNET, the release of our new NBN FIBRElinQ plans will connect you simply and easily to the NBN fibre network with a flexible range of speed and data options suiting all requirements.

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  • DSLlinQ

    Our DSLlinQ products are available in most communities and are a great alternative to people who will not or are yet to receive NBN fibre. DSLlinQ utilises your current home telephone connection and can be supplied as a BYO modem or we can supply and support one for you. All DSLlinQ plans are provided at an open speed determined by quality and distance of your copper cable via our dual wholesale partners interconnected networks. This allows us to reach a variety of customers in Metro, Regional and rural communities.

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  • CHATlinQ

    With the stability and increased speed of broadband internet, VoIP is fast replacing tradition copper line telephone voice services with a flexible and far less expensive VoIP option. Our VoIP service CHATlinQ, utilizes your broadband internet bandwidth to allow a VoIP connections to other VoIP, mobiles and traditional landline telephones. CHATlinQ comes complete with its own unique telephone number allowing you to make and receive phone calls just like a regular phone. Please note Satellite customers will experience slight delays between 1 and 2 second due to limitations of the technology. Our staff will be happy to assist you if you have any questions regarding CHATlinQ and satellite.

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  • LEGACYservices

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